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Smoove, the bike-sharing specialist

Smoove was created in 2008,

to design, manufacture, install and provide the after sales follow up and maintenance of bike-share systems and additional bike services.

Smoove is a French company based on 2 sites, the head office in Montpellier  in the Hérault region (FR-34) of the South of France and the design and engineering office in Oullins near Lyon in the Rhône region (FR-69).  In 2018, the Smoove team is made up of 70 passionate and multi-skilled people. Smoove focuses internally on research, development, design and patents. All the externalized production is coordinated via a network of sub-contractors covering various trades (electronics, cabling work, metal work, foundry, bar turning work, assembly…) mainly situated in the Rhône-Alpes region of France.
Smoove conducted their first projects in France and quickly developed internationally through a network of distributors, contractors and operators of different countries. 

Our strength : The capability to provide towns, municipalities, transport operators or businesses, a comprehensive, reliable and sustainable bike solution with the emphasis on bike-share systems integrated within a multimodal proposition.

To support its growth, Smoove has joined Via ID,  a company part of Mobivia group.


Smoove proposes, innovative and differentiating products and services in the world of bike-share with:

  • Material solutions which include smart bikes equipped with on-board intelligence now called Smoove Flex, replacing the now famous Smoove Box, cable free passive bike docking posts, subscription and information kiosks, designed for simple installation with the minimum of civil engineering work. All equipment is highly robust, vandal-resistant and with low maintenance needs
  • Software solutions enabling predictive and coordinated management of bicycle fleets, subscriptions, rentals, payment solutions and their integration into third party information systems typically linked to public transport.Thanks to on-board technologies, bicycles are now connected and their journeys monitored, allowing the optimization of cycling infrastructure and the development of virtual stations in addition to physical parking.
  • A range of additional products to the bike-share system including the management of long term bike hire systems and ways of securing the bike parking (mono bike or collective shelter).
  • Specialized expertise ranging from upstream studies on bike services, to assistance and training on the implementation of our solution as well as ongoing operational and maintenance support.
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