Smoove will provide Marrakesh with self-service bikes!

Press release Montpellier (France), 19 October 2016

Smoove will provide Marrakesh with self-service bikes
Smoove becomes the first operator to provide an African city with self-service bikes
  • The first city in Africa to implement a self-service bike system
  • Launch of 300 self-service bikes for COP22/Marrakesh (7-18 Nov.)
  • Now in Moscow, Vancouver and Helsinki, Smoove aims to increase its international presence further to become a worldwide bikesharing leader.
Smoove won the tender organised by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) (which is part of the United Nations) to roll out a fleet of self-service bikes for COP22, which is taking place from 7-18 November 2016 in Marrakesh.
Medina Bike, set up in partnership with the local organisation “Estates Vision”, will be the “Vélib” (the bike sharing system in Paris) of Marrakesh, the first city in Africa to benefit from a self-service bike system. The fleet, which comprises 300 bikes and around 10 stations, will be installed in the most emblematic locations of the city, such as Koutoubia or Majorelle Garden. The service will be inaugurated for COP22 and will be maintained over time with a renewable contract for an initial term of five years. Like Moscow, Helsinki and Vancouver, the low-cost Medina Bike model will include the contribution of a sponsor, which has not been selected yet.
Medina Bike is the answer to King Mohammed VI’s and the Moroccan Government’s desire for practical initiatives on sustainable development for COP 22. This project, which is the initiative of the Ministry of the Environment and was organised by UNIDO and funded by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) confirms Morocco’s commitment to the fight against the negative impact of climate change. The twenty-second session of the Conference of Parties will bring together 197 States and, according to the organisers, will be the COP of action.
Like in France, the bike was one of the main means of transport in Marrakesh, but has gradually lost ground. And you can tell that a person is from Marrakesh if they have a bicycle at the front of their house! Medina Bike is what will revive cycling. We are very proud to have won this prestigious tender. It marks our commitment to finding solutions to promote self-service bike systems for more pleasant, greener cities. Thank you Marrakesh! The red city has made Smoove the first self-service bikes provider in Africa!" said Laurent Mercat, CEO of Smoove.
Smoove is one of the leading self-service bike systems in the world thanks to its innovative solutions: smart, robust bikes with embedded communication technology (“Smoove Box”) and light, free-standing stations powered by solar energy and not requiring civil engineering during installation. Its technological know-how has enabled it to offer an “overflow” feature so that a bike can be returned even if the station is full. Thanks to these competitive advantages, Smoove has experienced accelerated international growth this year.
This project in Marrakesh is the perfect way to end a very intense year for Smoove. We installed a fleet of 1,500 bikes in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, in the spring, as well as fleets in Vancouver, Canada, in July and in Shymkent and Almaty in Kazakhstan during the summer. We also carried out the second phase of deployment in Moscow which now has more than 3,450 bikes!" said Hélène Papa, Marketing and Communication Manager.
A positioning in towns renewing their fleet like Paris
Our facilities in major cities across the world theoretically make us a strong contender for the renewal of all the first generation contracts, such as for the Vélib in Paris," said Laurent Mercat, CEO of Smoove. Competing for the tenders alongside Indigo, Moventia and our new shareholder Mobivia, which are experts in their fields, our group was selected in the competitive dialogue procedure to renew the “Vélib” fleet in Paris. Work is in progress and the solution will be ready in April 2017.
Smoove generated EUR 8 million in revenue in 2016. This revenue, like the number of employees, has doubled every two years since the company was formed. The objectives for 2017 are even more ambitious. Fifteen per cent of the revenue is reinvested in R&D to meet the demands of the city of the future (E Bike, bluetooth connection, mobile application, IoT, etc.) to better “facilitate sustainable mobility”.

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