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A strong involvement and complementary skills


Laurent Mercat

CEO, Founder

In addition to my day to day functions as a manager, I drive, with the management team, the global strategy of Smoove. I  am also the business development linchpin of the company. I am the one with whom youll negotiate, discuss partnerships, investment and distribution, and who will follow up contracts (once signed) that Ive passed to our operational teams, who will ensure their flawless execution.

I created Smoove in 2008 after having been a consultant for sustainable mobility for almost 10 years, and having travelled worldwide in other roles during the 10 years prior to that. I am convinced that the bike-sharing boosts urban cycling and it’
s what fascinates me. Very much work-orientated, I make the most of opportunities that arise.
I hope you’
ll come to appreciate my energy and responsiveness and look forward to working with you, whether as partner or client! 

Frédéric Grangeon

Deputy General Manager

In close collaboration with the CEO and SMOOVE collaborators, my job is to bring together the teams and to organize services for greater efficiency.
I put  "oil in the wheels" of the process and internal communication to facilitate the development of our company.
Arrived in 2015 with a strong 15-years experience in team management and management of SMEs, I am at your service to help you in the realization of your project in the best conditions.
So do not hesitate to contact me, I am always available.

Jaroslav Gamzikov
Smoove OOO General Director

My role is to manage existing accounts in the CIS area and to develop new opportunities for business growth. Moscow and Astana projects are in the core of my attention and I do my best to provide our valuable customers with assistance and solutions in technical maintenance and support, contracting, and communication with headquarters in France.
Before joining the team in 2016 I pursued career in sales and business development in manufacturing and distribution of special equipment, including that for transportation industry. I have broad experience with markets of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Please contact me if you have any questions on new bike-sharing technologies whether you are a city hall official, a businessman or an interested enthusiast. Together we can make your city a better place.
Christelle Gaborit

Accounting manager, Management controller

In close collaboration with all my internal colleagues in Smoove, its me who manages the accounting, treasury, budgets, inventories, management control and of course the annual figures. I co-ordinate external exchanges with the accountant and auditor who certify our accounts. I take a very active part in the creation of Smooves ERP which allows us to efficiently manage our business to your satisfaction! 

My training is in financial management and my 15 years of experience in management control in a multi-site industrial environment has been very useful at Smoove. I like to go to the heart of the figures and processes to bring most appropriate solutions with clarity and efficiency. 

Aurélie Lefranc

Accounting assistant

I check and record suppliers’ invoices and prepare payments. I coordinate all interactions between our suppliers and our company under the direct responsibility of the accounting manager.
After having gained my BTS diploma, my initial experience in the medical sector allowed me to develop my skill set in a challenging environment.
I'm dynamic, organized and delighted to work in the cycle sector, which is a brand new experience for me!

Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always available.
Céline Bories

Administrative and Sales assistant

Based at headquarters, I'm SMOOVE’s administrative assistant and am another real ‘Swiss Army knife’, managing HR aspects, relations with social partners and with our provider services on the two sites. I am also in charge of all the administrative management of our contracts and customer billing. So I’m the one you will be discussing ‘paper’, payment, etc with.

I joined Smoove in 2014 after 15 years of experience in sales in large international groups. My arrival happened in the middle of the Moscow project deployment, so I know how to manage a busy schedule. Available and multi-skilled, I will answer you promptly and direct you towards whichever of our departments you need. Looking forward to hearing from you by email or phone for your next bike project! 
Hélène Papa

Marketing & Communications Manager

A marketing, communications and web/mobile project specialist, I joined Smoove in early 2016. Working closely with management, I steer the company’s communications. This ranges from the definition of the general strategy to its operational implementation amidst a background of strong growth.

I work with my team to uphold the consistent and valued image Smoove enjoys among all our targets (media, clients, etc.). Image positioning, digital communications, sales presentations, press relations, events, advertising and social networks are all tools used to achieve Smoove’s marketing and communications objective in an international context.
I had heard of Smoove before I arrived because it is a major player in self-service cycles and I had identified it when I co-founded the Bikygram mobile app, dedicated to urban cyclists. This app was a Frenchtech award-winner. A graduate of Celsa Paris IV/Sorbonne, I have mainly worked in communications and advertising agencies in France and London for the past 10 years. I love creative advertising, great images, people, languages, digital technology and cycling in the city!

If you want more information about Smoove, its story, its ambitions and its innovative products, I'm the person to contact.       
Yéléna Lacote

Communication officer
and Graphic designer

I take care of all communication activities in Smoove, both internal and external (advertising, documentation, trade fairs and websites) I support all our customers on the communication of VLS projects and it's in this field that well work hand in hand. I help the sales department with all incoming requests to ensure a reliable and timely response.

I arrived at Smoove in April 2014 and have since discovered the bike-sharing universe. The self-service bicycles are so visible in town, that we make them as attractive as possible to carry your image! Of a calm and happy temperament, I know how to combine seriousness and creativity. I look forward to meeting you at upcoming shows or when visiting our projects on site. 

Guillaume Le Berre

Project Mmanager

My primary function is to detect opportunities for the introduction of self-service bike share across a wide export area. Relying on our local partners, I negotiate the contracts signed by Smoove directors. I then ensure their smooth implementation through the efficient co-ordination of various company departments for the delivery of a turnkey project and the total satisfaction of our customers.

An entrepreneur at heart, with more than 20 years of export experience, I know how to build winning solutions in an intercultural context. My daily concern is to create and maintain a constant synergy between teams with sometimes, disparate interests and attitudes in order to effectively carry out the projects entrusted to me. This entails being both accurate and flexible at the same time. See you soon for your future bike-sharing projects! 
Damien Vander Heyden

Business development manager

My role is to identify business opportunities to expand our bike sharing solutions on export markets, with a focus on the United States, Canada and Latin America.
I also provide support on contracting and project implementation. I coordinate the start-up of our projects linking with customers, our internal team and partners.
An increasing number of cities in the Americas engage in sustainable mobility approaches, including bike-sharing, to decrease traffic congestion, reduce pollution and promote
new forms of sustainable transport. Why not start in your city?
Before joining SMOOVE at the end of 2015, I worked for more than 20 years in Latin America in assembling financing and management of development cooperation projects in the areas of agribusiness and renewable energy.
Contact me if you require information on our solutions or if you are interested to promote an innovative project of bike-sharing in your city, as a partner or a client.
Pascal Montangon
IT systems Manager

Working closely with the management team, I support Smoove’s growth in operational and strategic issues such as ERP, PLM and, more generally, the company’s IT system.
My experience, going back over 20 years, working for a CAD and product life cycle management software publisher, is there to support Smoove employees. I completed this experience with a management diploma at EM Lyon in 2016.

Relaxed and structured in character, I keep an ear out for internal and external requests in my area of responsibility and do not hesitate to help out in any area where I can give added value. I love life and am one of the world’s great optimists. I’m delighted to join the Smoove team and the cycling world!
I will be there to help you whether you are a supplier or IT systems specialist.


Denis Mercat

Innovation & Industrialization
director, Co-founder.

As co-founder and co-shareholder, Smoove allows me to make a direct link between strategy and product. With both technical and managerial training, I run our technical teams from development to after-sales support. I co-ordinate, with the Director of Operations, industrialisation and production, and I’m the one with whom you’ll discuss innovations, improvements, technical parternships or quality aspects from the very earliest phases through the entire life of your project with continuous responsibility.

I joined Smoove in 2009 after having been technical director for nearly 15 years in many industrial fields. I am convinced that the bike-sharing is a way to reduce pollution in cities and to improve health - this is the aspect that motivates me! Precise and questioning, I try to link various fields of expertise to develop cost-effective and innovative solutions. I hope you will come to appreciate my ability to listen and to find solutions that exactly match your requirements. 
Gaël Praquin

Mechatronics Research
and Development engineer

Based in the Innovation Department, I support both the development of new products and the continuous improvement of existing products. With nearly 7 years-worth of projects under our belt, Smooves field experience is extensive and rich. Weve established an ongoing dialogue between customer feedback, our internal teams and our suppliers to be at the forefront of innovation, to differentiate ourselves and to meet the requirements of sustainable mobility for tomorrows world.

I joined SMOOVE in summer 2014, after having been an R&D consultant for large multinational automotive and truck companies. I am meticulous, and passionate about innovation and the various technologies involved in bike-sharng.
m on a daily basis fortunate in having to select the best ideas from our brainstorming sessions, filter the most pertinent visions and set about their implementation! 

Jeremy Perrin

Engineering technician

I am in charge of implementing the 3D design of mechanical and electrical parts, and also the technical drawing. I am in constant contact with the SMOOVE technical team but also have the pleasure to discuss with the vast majority of our industrial suppliers or subcontractors in order that the manufacturing of parts designed by Smoove can be realised according to the requirements and tolerances agreed upon.

You'll find I'm not the most talkative of the team but calm and organised and with a ready smile! CREO and PTC Windchill software hold no secrets from me! As part of the Smoove team, I love working on projects from A to Z — from design to completion — of our products.
Pietro Deponte
Hardware design and embedded
software development manager

In partnership with the R&D team, I'm in charge of designing hardware and developing embedded software on self-service bikes.
I also act as the interface between suppliers to develop and commission Smoove solutions. I take care of international certification processes... Quite a task!
Italian-born, with 10 years’ experience in electronic engineering in different sectors: medical, home automation, digital vision, transport (trains, aircraft, heavy goods vehicles, tractors). I now work in the exciting world of bikes and imagine the bike-sharing systems of the future.

I will be your contact person in the R&D and innovation roll-out phases of the Smoove bike-sharing system!

Max Revil
Industrialization Engineer 

I'm in charge of the industrialization of Smoove products, in liaison with the engineering team and innovation division. I'm the technical interface between suppliers and the design office to guarantee feasibility of Smoove solutions from a functional and industrial viewpoint and ensure the highest quality levels for our products.
I joined Smoove in spring 2016 after having worked in the metal industry, in particular in quality, methods and industrialization departments. A general and materials engineering graduate, I have over 5 years’ experience in the automotive industry in France and Romania.
I love working in the cycle sector and will be happy to answer all your queries whether you are a supplier, manufacturer or client.


Sébastien Ladeuil

Logistics Technician

I'm in charge of organizing administrative and sales operations related to the movement of goods. I coordinate deliveries in an international context, using appropriate transport means tailored to the situation and ensure the smooth running of customs clearance operations. I'm in permanent contact with various external partners to ensure that you are delivered on time.

Before Smoove, I worked for a major European cycle manufacturer. My eight years working in that company gave me strong experience in transport and customs clearance operations, combined with complete technical knowledge of cycle parts. I'm therefore very familiar with the cycling world, an environment I particularly appreciate, both in terms of its mindset and its products.

I'm there for all Smoove clients to ensure seamless transport of all our equipment.
Yohann Abraham


I'm in charge of supply and stock management and supplier relations. My primary objective: delivering your self-service bike projects on time.
For that, I'm supported by a range of suppliers with whom I maintain and develop a genuine partnership. Continuous improvement is one of my priorities and I use all the resources and tools at my disposal with enthusiasm and genuine commitment to constantly improve our reactivity and better satisfy your needs.
Through my Master’s degree in purchasing and logistics and my experience in various sectors such as automotive, military and chemicals, I have acquired a comprehensive vision of purchasing, logistics and supply chain processes.
A sports enthusiast and judo fan for the past 25 years, I also love itinerant sports travel. I have therefore naturally forged my conviction: bike-sharing represents the best sustainable urban mobility solution.
 I look forward to working with you as a partner or client!


Cédric Landais

Solution Architect

I am responsible for the electronic and IT architecture solutions and systems offered by Smoove. My function is to build a solution that will meet all your expectations whilst honouring Smoove’s very modular architecture. I act mainly at the preliminary phases of projects and am in regular contact with Denis, Director of Innovation, also working closely with IT Manager, Benjamin who will be in contact with you throughout your project.
I joined Smoove in July 2014, previously working for major organisations in GSM and public and road transport. I am very keen on the development of sustainable mobility and am convinced that the VLS has a very important role to play in it. I’m a good listener, skilled at extracting essential data, and, when presented with a file, am able to study it from end to end in a highly structured and tenacious way!

Benjamin Grenier

Software and IT Support manager

I am in charge of all our software support services relating to computer and mobile applications: the web and ‘apps’ are also my field. Furthermore, I take care of the implementation of tools optimising all the exchanges between Smoove teams and our customers. I’ll be the one you liaise with on all matters relating to our software (training, set up, FAQ...). I work closely with Cedric on IT matters.

I joined Smoove in early 2014 after obtaining an engineering degree. Passionate about sport and a nature lover, the bike-sharing project immediately appealed to me. My ability to listen and my attention to detail allows me to respond fully to all your questions. I hope that together we’ll help evolve computer tools in the service of the mobility of tomorrow! 
Gauthier German

Maintenance and
After-sales service technician

I am in charge of support for our customers. In order to provide you with a good service, Alexandre and I work as a team on all matters relating to bike station installation, training, after-sales service and installation of technical documentation and instructions for the maintenance and correct functioning of our products.

A true ‘Swiss Army knife’, I had commercial training and finally worked my way up to become a bicycle mechanic! I hope you will benefit from the three core competencies of my role: relational, knowledge of the world of building and civil engineering and specialist cycling skills. I am a great enthusiast of mountain biking, ski trekking and kite surfing. 
Timothée Hamel

Project Suppor Engineer Canada

I joined Smoove in early 2016 as an International Corporate Volunteer. I’m in charge of technical support for American projects (or for the Vancouver project). I intervene during and after installation to train operators in Smoove hardware and to maintain the system. I remain in contact with the support team based in France to provide and set up rapid and high quality actions on site.
Graduating as an engineer in 2015 from the Technological University of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTMB), I'm specialized in embedded electronic systems. Before joining Smoove, I worked in electronic materials and the automotive industry where I acquired technical and organizational skills.

Inquisitive and open-minded, I have specifically focused my career internationally with experience in England, New Zealand, Argentina and, now, in Canada. I can adapt quickly to new environments. If your project is in the American zone, I will be your main technical contact person and will work for you during and after the installation of our systems. 
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