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An innovative and highly adaptable system
The innovative Smoove Box

An innovative bike-share solution,
additionnal services and expertise !

SMOOVE proposes innovative and differentiating products and services in the world of bike-share :
  • Material solutions : wich include intelligent bikes equipped with a « Smoove Box », wireless passive bike docking posts, subscription and informations kiosks, most of wich are solar powered, designed for a simple installation with the minimum of civil engineering work. All equipment is highly robust, vandal-resistant and with low maintenance needs.

  • Software solutions : to manage the bikes, the cards reader, the rentals, payment solutions and their integration into third party information systems typically linked to public transport.

  • A range of additional products to the bike-share system including the management of long term bike hire systems and ways of securing the bike parking ( mono bike or collective shelters).

  • Specialised expertise ranging from upstream studies on bike services, to assistance and training on the implementation of our solution as well as ongoing operational and maintenance support.

The Smoove Bike

Differents models of bikes specifically designed to meet the bike-share systel needs

Bike-share systems have revolutionized the image and usage of city bikes.
These bikes a however exposed to difficult usage conditions, left unattended and requiring a specific design. In order to give our clients the best choise, Smoove have designed several very good urban bike models, specifically for bike-share systems, all integrating the Smoove box system.Bike-share systems have revolutionized the image and usage of city bikes. These bikes a however exposed to difficult usage conditions, left unattended and requiring a specific design. In order to give our clients the best choise, Smoove have designed several very good urban bike models, specifically for bike-share systems, all integrating the Smoove box system.

Common specifications for all our bikes :
  • An urban design, a mixed frame with a low step over that meets the mountain bike standard
  • A very robust bike with a lighter weight than most other bike-share models
    (20,6kg* / 44Lb*) : [* : depending on the options]
  • A comfortable and adjustable saddle with a graduated seat post allowing the user to select according to his/her height (from 150cm / 59’’ to 195 cm / 76’’)
The options you can choose :
  • Drive shaft or chain
  • Aluminium or chrome-molydenum steel frame
  • 3 or 7 gears integrated in the rear hub
The heart of the smoove box system

The Smoove Box

The bike-share system « SMOOVE BOX » :
quick and direct acces to a very secure and autonomus bike.

An electronic control box, conveniently located on the handlebar, continously charged through a hub dynamo and therefor self-powered wich allows quick and direct acces to the bike without keys or totems.

The « Smoove Box » system is the most innovative system in the world of bike-share. This system is protected by an international patent

This box is composed of :

  • A RFID / NFC contact-free reader to read users cards
  • A piézo-electrical keypad for occasional users to enter their access code or simply navigate through the choice menu
  • A screen to guide the users in a clear and understandable way, showing for example, real trip distance and duration of hire
  • A Zigbee wireless radio transmitter-receiver, which communicates with a solar powered relay box located at the bike station, which is also self-powered and which transfers information to the central server via GPRS
  • Using the « fork lock » to secure the bike in 3 complementary ways :
    At the bike station, with our unique anti-theft and vandal-resistant devices;
    Away from the bike station, with :
    - A « neiman » type steering lock and
    - An internal cable lock astutely located in the bike handlebars to attach it to a fixed point
  • With some additional components :
    - A RFID tag reading system located in the bike stand that guarantees the secure locking of the bike at the station
    - Large and robust front mounted carrying basket with a visible and useful communication panel

Advantages of the "smoove box"

  • Traditional bike-share kiosk systems become optional which reduces costs considerably. They can be kept, if needed, at major bike stations (tourist sites, town centre...) for the management subscriptions
  • With a limited civil engineering work, no wiring or electricity required, our stations are very flexible in their integration within public areas.
  • All types of user can access the bikes directly, whether :
    - Subscribers, holders of a contact-free RFID card : public transport card, parking card, city pass...
    - Occasional users, via a unique code transmitted via a vocal server, by text or on a bank card ticket provided by a kiosk
Smoove Box bike-share parking equipment

The Smoove Box equipment

In addition to the bikes, the Smoove box system also includes specific parking equipment that constitutes the « female » end of the fork lock thus ensuring its utmost security. The Smoove experience has proved it, no bike returned to its stand (docking post) can be stolen, a fundamental difference between Smoove and many other rival solutions!

Smoove has designed a range of equipment that can be configured to any context, design preference or budgets.

Common specifications to all our equipment

  • The docking system is « passive » and does not require electric power. It simply needs an RFID tag to identify each parking stand; it is cheaper than our competitors' parking equipment which require wiring. The bike-share stands can be placed in greater numbers thereby minimizing the inconvenience of full stations.
  • The components are delivered on a pallet, pre-assembled, handled manually, fixed to each other and to the ground by simple dowelling.
  • Their installation is quick, easy, cable free and doesn’t require heavy civil engineering work. They can be moved easily during the life of the project.
  • The Smoove bike stands can be separated from each other, even positioned on opposite sides of a square or a street, facilitating the station integration within any urban space.

The options

The options you can choose from :

The well designed bike stands

The « well designed bike stands », are individual docking posts into which the front wheel of the bike is inserted. They are either fixed onto mobile metallic platforms or onto more permanent rails buried underground; they can be positioned in single or double configuration for greater density.

The horizontal rails

The horizontal rails are equipped with 3 docking points in the shape of a unique and simple cost effective free standing structure.

The range of Smoove box kiosk

From the simple function of autonomous solar radio relay without « Human-Machine Interface » (HMI), to the most sophisticated solutions with a large tactile screen and credit card swipe payment solution.

The users of the early generations of bike-share systems had to use a kiosk (also called « totem »), before being able to take a bike, a complex and costly element of the bike-share system.

With the Smoove box system which offers direct access to the bike the traditional totem becomes optional

The Smoove system only required the presence of a small cable free self-powered solar relay box, which communicates to the bike via Zigbee radio and to the central server via GPRS.

Smoove has also developed other types of virtual subscription options either using an « interactive vocal server » (IVS) with a standard phone, a smartphone or the internet.

Solar relay box
The traditional kiosk Smoove
The solar-powered pay and displa kiosk of Parkeon
The multimedia kiosk of IPM France
  • The « traditional » totem with information screen and credit card payment is only one of the ways to access the system. It is possibly a solution more suited to popular tourist sites with high visitor numbers. Smoove has also wanted to avoid the necessity of a kiosk dedicated only to the bike-share service by developing multi-modal solutions of a kiosk shared with the ticketing of an urban transport network or with pay and display ticket machines already in place.
  • Smoove has developed their own payment kiosk but has also naturally integrated third party kiosk solutions according to the specific needs of different cities and towns.
The coordination software

Smoove Soft

The Smoove box Information System (IS) is composed of
several software sub-systems with:

A central software

hosted on a server called « Sabiweb »; it manages all the « back office » informations for the project operators and it integrates the different « front office » modules for end users (internet site, smartphone applications, vocal server, mailing, sending of text messages...); once again Smoove has chosen a modular approach based on integration requests that can offer :

- The global solution or a simple middleware integrated to a third party information system.
- A solution hosted by us with a maintenance contract or a solution transferred to the client server.

3 « blocks » of embedded software in:

The Smoove Box

It tracks all actions performed on bikes (start, lock, return, time / distance of use, misuse alerts, etc...

The solar relay box

It transmits the information to the server bike; It incorporates locally subscribers customer database that overcomes GPRS communication possible shortcomings

The kiosk

It present all the information on the HMI, manage credit card payments

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