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Smoove and Zoov recently announced that they are joining forces. Together, we are ready to support cities of all sizes that want to embark on serious bike-sharing adventures.

Thanks to an innovative electric offer and extensive experience rolling out the largest schemes in the world, our systems can be easily deployed to areas that need a few dozen, or several thousand, bikes.



The best tech in electric bike-sharing, now available to any city

Electric bikes are the perfect choice not just for hilly cities, but for any community that wants to get people of all ages cycling through town.

Electric Bikes

40km range

Optimized pedal-assist technology for premium riding experience

Safe and comfortable: reinforced tires and disc brake

Swappable battery

Advanced self-diagnosis and anti-theft software

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charging stations

One dock for 15 bikes, 4 bikes per meter

Easy to install and relocate

Electromagnetic lock and charging

Grid, plug or battery-powered

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The integrated solution for combined electric and mechanical bike-sharing.

For cities that are not looking to go All-Electric just yet, our Hybrid system is the best way to harmonise the use of electric and mechanical bikes.

Electric and mechanical bikes

Unique frame, low-maintenance and ideal for visual consistency

Designed for continuous use: aluminium frame, roller brakes, anti-puncture tyres

3 or 7 gears

Electric bikes: 70km range

Ultra-secure: rear-lock, fork-lock, GPS

User-friendly: Automatic pedal assist, USB charging port, comfortable for people from 1.4m to 2m tall

Docked stations


One dock per bike

One power source for the entire station

Virtual stations available for an extended and more flexible service


For traditional bike lovers, with key upgrades

The essentials of a shared bike

Economical and robust

2 gears

Secure: GPS, rear-lock and front-lock

Secure and simple parking

Near-unlimited design customization

Visible information sign

Compatible with free-floating

Freedom and flexibility for users

Virtual stations allow users to park bikes correctly when you don’t have the space for physical stations.



Available with our All-Electric offer. Perfect for micromobility operators.
Idéal pour les exploitants de micromobilité.

Mixed system with docked and virtual stations

Put stations anywhere and give full flexibility to users. Available with any offer.

Making active mobility accessible to everyone

All of our bike-sharing schemes can be used with your own version of our top-rated mobile application, RFID-powered cards and/or connected kiosks.

Mobile App

The complete, modern bike-sharing experience:
locate on map, scan to unlock,
GPS route planning and more


Taking a bike is as simple
as tapping your travelcard.


Easy access for people
without smartphones
and short-term visitors

The best tools to manage day-to-day operations effectively


The Maintenance App offers field agents an easy way to manage technical operations.


The Admin App provides up-to-date information on the state of the fleet and key indicators to track operational efficiency.


The Analytics App highlights the most active pick-up and drop-off areas. Our algorithms suggest where to put your bikes to maximize usage.

Choose the bike-sharing solution that’s right for you


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With 15+ years of bike-sharing experience in cities around the world, we can help you make the big decisions that ensure the long-term success of your operations.

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