World Recycling Day

Reduce, reuse and recycle, the leitmotiv of this March 18th!
18 Mar 2021

World Recycling Day is a great opportunity to continue the reflexion about the integration of the circular economy into mobility and to highlight projects that encourage it.

In recent years, self-service electric scooters have invaded major cities in France and internationally. A new mobility solution that makes it possible to offer an alternative to car travel for trips of less than 8 km and to move in the heart of metropolises. However, there is often a question about their end of life and the “waste” these new vehicles generate. Often singled out for their short service life when they are in self-service, especially because of some batteries that are short-lived (500 cycles in general) and the fact that some of the components are not reusable or recyclable. They therefore create a high ecological footprint. This is why it is important to think about maximizing their uses and optimizing the recycling of electric scooters.

With this in mind, La Fabrique des mobilités and My human Kit are teaming up to launch a national challenge of second-life electric scooters. Supported by ADEME, this initiative aims to lead a reflection on the reuse and/or recycling of electric scooters and their components after their first commissioning. The objective of this initiative is to bring together different actors of the mobilities to create solutions that will be made available to the communities, territories and local actors who want to seize it!
In the long term, this information may be used on other mobility devices.

As a mobility player, Smoove is sensitive to all actions that aim to reduce the environmental footprint of mobility. We are committed to integrating the reuse of materials into our design. In this sense, we recycle the batteries of our bikes and support our partners in their actions to upgrade parts such as Smoovengo which reuses a very large part of the parts of the Vélibs.

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