We are now Fifteen

We are now Fifteen – raising €40M to become the European leader of bike-sharing services
7 Mar 2022

Smoove and Zoov are now united as Fifteen: a reference to the fifteen-minute city, a concept whereby cities are designed so that all essential services are accessible in less than fifteen minutes, on foot or by bike. 


Over the past fifteen years, numerous bike-sharing schemes have been developed, providing fast, environmentally-friendly and healthy ways of getting around town. A key breakthrough was the use of station-based systems that continue to evolve to provide optimal infrastructure, notably for charging electric bikes. Other major technological innovations have subsequently accelerated this movement: geolocation has allowed bikes to be used in free-floating; and today, they can be unlocked via a mobile app thanks to IoT technology. Now, the demand for electric bikes is exploding. Bike services as we know them have even led some municipalities to radically rethink their urban planning in order to offer residents of all neighborhoods access to education, culture and retail within a fifteen-minute walk or bike ride.


Fifteen believes that the goals of the 15-minute city - calming, re-humanising our journeys and, indeed, our lives - are achievable in cities of all sizes, both large and small. Next-generation bike services enhanced with technology, designed with the requirements of real transport networks in mind, will make this possible.


By raising €40 million from Eiffel Essential - a private equity fund specializing in the energy transition Group; Evergreen 2050, created by Marie Ekeland; independent investors, and existing shareholders (Mobivia Group, daphni, C4 Ventures, Banque des Territoires, BNP Paribas Développement and Eric Carreel), Fifteen has acquired the means to implement its vision for cities of all sizes. Already powering the bike services of more than 30 cities and mobility operators worldwide, Fifteen will accelerate the deployment of Augmented Bike Networks and thus contribute to a significant and much needed modal shift from cars to active travel. In addition to helping cities avoid producing emissions, Fifteen aims to maximize its positive impact on the planet by moving as much of the production line as possible to Europe, and by investing in innovative ways to improve the sustainability, reusability and recyclability of its products.


Augmented Bike Networks - designed and manufactured by Fifteen, and made available to the most ambitious cities in terms of active mobility - make it possible to address all use cases of bikes in a wider geographical area. They allow regions to transform the implementation of a simple bike service (station-based or free-floating bike-sharing, long-term rental, tourist bikes, etc.) into a coherent network interconnected with public transport. Users can take a bike to complete a one-off journey, or rent one for a month or for a year: thanks to the bike’s IoT technology, any shared bike can become personal, and adapt to the needs and preferences of anyone. In addition, the data collected during journeys will help local decision-makers to understand the traffic flows in the area in order to adapt the network, the service offer and the infrastructure projects according to user behavior.


Augmented Bike Networks have three key objectives: to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions, to improve the physical and mental health of residents, and to increase inclusiveness. By addressing city centers and suburbs alike, capital cities and rural towns, they are a catalyst for promoting an active lifestyle on a large scale, and for triggering a sustainable modal shift.


With this ambition, the 140-strong team at Fifteen is recruiting 60 people in Paris and Lyon in all departments, from design of bike technologies, to marketing, and managing relationships with local authorities and mobility operators.

Visit our new website (www.fifteen.eu) for more information.
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